Construction, Renovation and Demolition (CRD) Debris

Construction, renovation and demolition debris, and landscaping and excavation material in bulk, up to 2 m3 (one loader bucketful), resulting from work carried out by the occupant, is collected free of charge at any time, at a maximum frequency of one pickup per one month period, at the request of the occupant.

Residents must call Public Works at 514 633-4046. A special team will come by and pick up the CRD debris that must be previously deposited in bulk by the curb. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the pickup is carried out within 7 business days of the receipt of the request.

For any volume of CRD debris in bulk in excess of 2 m3, residents are required to take the necessary measures, within 5 days of depositing the debris at the curb, to have it removed by a contractor of their choice and at their own cost.

Only single-family dwellings or condominium units benefit from the CRD pickup.

Are considered CRD debris:

  • Construction, renovation and demolition debris with any nails removed or flattened (wood, plywood, gypsum board, melamine, electrical wiring, aggregates, brick, mortar, etc.)
  • Waste material from landscaping and excavation
  • Stone, sand, turf, concrete and concrete slabs, and soil
  • Cladding materials
  • Flat glass, broken glass (in a rigid container)
  • Windows
  • Tiles - ceramic or other material
  • Carpet and underlay
  • Baths, washbasins, toilets

Information: 514 633-4046

To consult the integral version of the by-law concerning the management of waste materials, please click here. (PDF - 101 KB)