Each fall, the City offers several dead leaf pickups for single-family dwellings as a way to improve its waste reduction effort and produce compost that will be subsequently offered to residents. Keep an eye on Dorval’s website and publications for more details.

Take note that your bags must not be put out before 7 p.m. on the eve of the collection day. Furthermore, only big paper bags (the ones distributed by the City of Dorval and others sold at various stores) will be collected in these special pickups.

Even if it is sometimes written on certain compostable plastic bags made of corn or starch that they are compatible with municipal pickups, such is not the case in many municipalities located in the West Island, including Dorval. As such, they will not be picked up.

Leaves that are placed in plastic bags will not be collected, either by these special pickups, or by the household waste pickup on Thursday. You must dispose of your leaves in the appropriate manner to have them picked up.

Remember that the paper bags should be used only for the purpose of this composting program. They must not be filled with grass clippings, branches, tomato plants, and so on. These items must be disposed of in their respective pickups.

The rest of the year

As for the rest of the year, leaves will be collected, free of charge, with the organic waste pickup held every Monday. Loose leaves on your property will not be picked up.

It is prohibited to rake or dump leaves in the street, as they can clog the sewer system and create traffic hazards. Violations are subject to fines.

Information: 514 633-4046

To consult the integral version of the by-law concerning the management of waste materials, please click here. (PDF - 101 KB)