Permits and Certificates

Anyone wishing to carry out one of the projects listed below must respect the applicable zoning by-law and obtain either a construction permit or a certificate of authorization. Note that all permits and certificates can be paid by check to the City of Montreal.

A building permit is required for:

  • the construction of a new building
  • the transformation or renovations of an existing building
  • the expansion of an existing building
  • the addition to a building
  • the construction of a garage, carport, shed, or any other ancillary building
  • the construction of an open deck (patio), of a balcony, of a solarium
  • finishing a basement
  • an interior redesign
  • the use of pesticides

A certificate of authorization is required for:

  • building a fence, wall or hedge
  • moving a building
  • tearing down a building
  • installing a winter car shelter
  • putting up a sign
  • installing a terrace adjacent to a restaurant
  • holding a garage sale
  • connecting pipes
  • holding an itinerant selling on streets or in public places, or a door-to-door charitable fund raising activity
  • installing a parabolic antenna of a diameter greater than 50 cm
  • installing a commercial tent
  • holding a temporary public auction
  • installing an in-ground pool
  • any works on the shoreline
  • cutting down a tree
  • pruning a tree

The S.P.A.I.P. Procedure

Before issuing out a permit, a S.P.A.I.P. (Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program) procedure, which requires the approval of the Council, is needed for the following work:

  • The construction or expansion of any residence
  • The construction or expansion of any building located on Lakeshore Drive
  • The transformation of any heritage building
  • The installation of a commercial sign on certain roads

Information: 514 633-4125