Snow Removal

The priority in snow removal is given to the main roads and the ones where circulate STM buses. To reduce removal costs, snow at the edge of streets can be blown onto properties. On main streets where salt is required, the snow is hauled away. Where the space belonging to the City is insufficient, the snow is also carted away.

Snow removal operations

  • At the beginning of a snowfall, salt is spread on main arteries, at intersections, and on sidewalks.
  • When the snowfall exceeds 75 mm (3 inches), salting stops and the snowploughs, tractors, and loaders begin their operations.
  • Salting and clearing priority is given to commercial and collector streets, as well as to bus routes. Afterwards, one sidewalk is initially cleared on each street according to the above order of priority. The opposite sidewalk is cleared after circulation in the whole City is restored.

After an average snowfall, eight (8) hours are required to clear streets, parking lots, bus stops and accesses to municipal buildings.

Public safety

To improve safety, we urge parents to discuss precautionary measures around heavy equipment with their children. Children should be reminded, for example, to either use adjoining streets when snow clearing is taking place or to await the passing of the equipment in an nearby driveway.


According to by-law no. 1465-97, it is forbidden for anyone to:

  • Push snow into the street or to deposit snow onto a public road.
  • To cause or tolerate snow and ice accumulations which exceed three (3) meters in height or which reduce visibility for motorists.
  • Push snow within a 1.2 meter radius of a fire hydrant.

Snow removal contractor

You are asked to ensure that your contractor respects the provisions of the by-law which concern noise and the disposal of snow, and, if necessary, provide him with guidelines as to acceptable snow disposal methods.

Before signing a contract with any snow removal contractor, please check with the Urban Planning Department at (514) 633-4084 to verify that he has obtained the required permit.

Avoid parking your vehicle in the street during or following a snowfall. Snow clearing crews will then work more quickly, economically, and efficiently. As an added benefit, you won't run the risk of having your car ploughed in.

Information: 514 633-4046