Committees of the Council

Members of the Dorval municipal council take an active part in the community in many different ways. In addition to being present at monthly Council meetings, all are members of various committees.

Safety and Traffic Committee
This committee, created on April 18, 2006, is composed of five councillors, two administrators, and one Police Constable from Neighbourhood Police Station 5.

The committee studies different road-related issues (ex. speeding, speed humps, parking, signage, etc.) and submits its recommendations to the Council. The committee has also undertaken to re-launch the “Neighbourhood Watch” program. It also coordinates the work of our patrol officers and meets with Police Officers of Neighbourhood Station 5 on a regular basis to discuss and find solutions to current problems (vandalism, graffiti, bullying, break-ins, etc.).

Demolition Committee
The committee receives and studies applications for the demolition of a building, and issues the certificate of authorization if the demolition is deemed appropriate. The committee may also revoke a certificate under certain conditions.

The committee is composed of three councillors who are named annually and whose mandate is renewable. All committee meetings are public when the committee is carrying out the functions normally assigned to a committee created by virtue of the Act to study applications for the demolition of a building.

Advisory Committee on Urban Planning
The committee is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and submitting to the Council recommendations on all applications relating to minor exemptions, master development plans, and architectural layout and integration plans.
  • Reviewing and submitting to the Council recommendations on draft by-laws to amend the Urban Planning by-laws, and, where applicable, zoning and subdivision by-laws, and the by-law concerning minor exemptions.
  • Reviewing and submitting to the Council recommendations on all urban planning, zoning, and subdivision matters referred to it by the Council.

The committee, created by virtue of the Act respecting land use and planning and development, is composed of at least seven and of up to nine members designated by resolution of the Council. No more than two members of the Council may be members of the committee. The others are Dorval residents, at least three of which are chosen for their training and expertise in urban planning and development, architecture, engineering, or heritage.

Unless the Council decides otherwise, all committee meetings are held in camera, but the committee may, with the approval of the majority of members, invite any person able to provide useful information about a project or its impact on its projected implementation area. The persons invited may provide the committee with the information required, but may not take part in the proceedings.

Youth Advisory Committee
In light of the difficulty to reach teens in an informal forum, the City of Dorval created, on November 7, 1988, the Youth Advisory Committee, which regroups a maximum of 15 young Dorval residents. By meeting approximately four times per year, the members of the committee discuss about youth related projects, make their recommendations to the Council, and are involved in the planning, development, and implementation of programs and activities relating to their needs. They also gain valuable experience by volunteering at various events throughout the community.

All Dorval residents, between the age of 12 and 17, are eligible to become members of the Youth Advisory Committee. For more information on how to join, call (514) 633-4000.

Dorval’s Environment Committee
Created in 2010, this committee is composed of four Dorval residents, two municipal councillors, and four administrators of three city departments. All have a keen interest in enhancing the sustainability of our community.

The mission statement of Dorval’s Environment Committee is as follows:

“The Environment Committee advises municipal Council on policies, programs, and by-laws that would have an impact on any aspect of our built and natural environments, in order that we may improve the quality of our lives and the lives of future generations. The objective of the Committee is to research, initiate, and promote projects that relate to sustainability, and to educate and engage the community on these issues”.

Committee for the Integration of Individuals with Disabilities in Dorval
The committee, created in 2007, is made up of Dorval residents, municipal councillors, and representatives of the City.

The mission of the committee is to:

  • Increase the municipal council’s awareness on issues related to the integration of individuals with disabilities into activities organized by the City.
  • Raise the awareness of each city department on issues of access to municipal buildings for individuals with disabilities.
  • Clarify the impact of the 2005 Act to secure the handicapped persons in the exercise of their rights and of the August 2006 decrees, which specifies how this act should be enforced.
  • Identify measures to facilitate access to municipal buildings by persons with mobility impairments, and determine the actions to take to favor the access to municipal infrastructures for individuals with disabilities.
  • Support the role of the coordinator of the committee.