Visit the Arboretum, located in Peace Park (1335 Lakeshore Drive), between the Dorval Library and the Sarto-Desnoyers Community Centre. You will enjoy the diverse collection of more than 250 indigenous and decorative trees. Come and see and touch a Catalpa, a Sorbus, a Pinus, a Picea, a Gelditsia, an Ulmus, a Populus or an Acer. By the way, an Acer, is the latin word for a maple tree and we have close to 8 different species.

Developed in 1995, this site will be the jewel of the West Island in a few years.

You can also adopt a tree in honour of someone or to highlight a special occasion for $400 (taxes included).

To consult the Peace Park Arboretum pamphlet, click here (PDF - 2 MB).

Information: 514 633-4000