Ecological Gardening

In Dorval, we have the environment at heart. The mission of our city staff, renowned for its expertise in ecological gardening, is to improve the health of plants with appropriate gardening methods.

During the summer, an eco-technician is available to assist residents in adopting new lawn-care methods and to provide them with pesticides-free alternatives. To contact the City of Dorval’s Green Line, call at 514 206-6574 or write at

Since 2005, every contractor providing lawn care services or exterminator must register with the City of Dorval. This register is useful to know the companies working on the Dorval territory. The register is not considered a reference guaranteeing a quality service offered by the contractors.

You must verify yourself if the contractor you wish to hire is adequately registered with the City.

It is also important that citizens do their part in preserving the many green spaces in Dorval by adopting a new and safer approach towards the environment.

Here are several useful links about ecological gardening:

Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
(in French)

Healthy Lawns
Advice for having a healthy lawn. For gardening amateurs and experts in lawn care.

Home Gardener’s Checklist
A calendar for gardening amateurs. Gardening advice from spring to fall.

Insect Pests and Diseases
Description cards on insect pests and diseases. Advice on how to detect and treat them.

Organic Lawn Care Guide

White Grub Control

To consult the integral version of the by-law concerning pesticide use, please click here. (PDF - 44 KB)