Emerald Ash Borer

In August 2014, the emerald ash borer was detected in certain traps installed on public property throughout the City of Dorval. Since then, the City has continued to fight against the spread of this devastating insect.

On that matter, the City began treatments on ash trees located on public property in May 2014, and has been enacting preventive measures related to the emerald ash borer since 2012.

What is an emerald ash borer?
This metallic green-coloured insect accidentally entered North America from Asia. Its larva attacks and kills all native species of ash trees. Since 2002, it has killed millions of ash trees in Canada and in the United States.

What is an ash tree?
Ash trees are usually quite tall and can reach a height that ranges between 15 and 20 meters. They have compound leaves, which can turn from green to yellow in fall, with 5 to 11 leaflets (depending on the species of ash). These leaflets are moderately toothed and may be stalked or sessile. The ash tree also has an opposite branching pattern and can sometimes produce small greenish fruits called samaras.

What to know about the emerald ash borer

  1. How to detect the emerald ash borer? What are the signs, symptoms, and damages?
  2. What are the possible treatments and preventive measures?
  3. What does the City of Dorval's local action plan against the emerald ash borer include? (PDF - 2 MB / In French only)
  4. How do the Financial Assistance Programs for the treatment and cutting down of Ash Trees in Dorval work?
  5. How to find a specialist to evaluate and give proper treatment to an infected ash tree?
  6. How to help fight the spread of the emerald ash borer?
  7. By-law RCM-55-2015 concerning the fight against the propagation of the emerald ash borer (PDF - 37 KB)
  8. Useful links

Videos to learn more about the emerald ash borer

Animation concerning the emerald ash borer (1:53 minutes, in French)
The emerald ash borer in the Greater Montreal area (12:15 minutes, in French)
Commitment of elected officials of the MMC in the fight against the emerald ash borer (1:38 minutes, in French)

Important phone numbers to keep on hand

  • For questions related to ash trees located on private property, contact
    the Green Line (from April 1 to mid-November): 514 206-6574 or by email at
  • For questions related to ash trees on public property or to know more about the current state of the emerald ash borer in Dorval: 514 633-4046
  • For information on the City’s financial assistance program: 514 633-4084
  • To obtain a certificate of authorization for any tree removal: 514 633-4125