Green Line

The City of Dorval, concerned about the protection of the environment, offers a Green Line to meet the horticultural needs of Dorval residents.

During the summer season, an eco-consultant is available to assist you in the transition to greener practices and answer questions concerning:

  • Ecological lawn care practices
  • Pesticide-free alternatives and methods of controlling insects, disease, and weed problems
  • Techniques to make your own compost
  • Ecological initiatives to help reduce your environmental footprint

For all your eco-questions, call your eco-consultant. It’s free! Contact the City of Dorval’s Green Line at 514 633-4018 or at

A matter of common sense!
Have you hired a lawn care company to maintain your property?

Has this company offered services for fertilization, parasite management or weed control?

Please make sure that the company has its annual registration certificate issued by the municipality. The certificate guaranties that your entrepreneur has the required qualifications to properly serve you and that they are authorised to work on Dorval territory.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Green Line.
Enjoy the summer!