Water is not an everlasting resource. During the summer, the City of Dorval requests the cooperation of its citizens to conserve water. For that purpose, watering restrictions are in effect in the municipality, from June 1 to September 1 of each year. Click here for the details. 

In order to preserve this very precious resource during the rest of theyear, the City of Dorval offers, in cooperation with RÉSEAU environnement, helpful advice on how to avoid wasting water.

A Few Tips to Help You Reduce Your Water Consumption
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  • Take a quick shower instead of a bath and close the faucet while you are shaving or brushing your teeth. This will not only allow you to reduce the amount of water used, but it will also make you save on your electricity bill.
  • Instead of wasting water by cooling it down every time you are thirsty, fill a jug, and put it in the refrigerator. Your water will always be cold and the taste of chlorine will disappear!
  • Instead of using a food disposal machine that wastes hundreds of litres of water each week, make the most of your waste and use it for compost!
  • Use recycled paper which production process requires less water and energy.


  • Water your lawn in the morning or in the evening instead of the afternoon, otherwise it evaporates faster under the sun.
  • Choose a landscape installation that has reduced water needs. Perennial plants and groundcover shrubs will allow you to save water. Do not plant too many annual plants since they require a lot of water and fertilizer.
  • Adjust your sprinkle to make sure it doesn’t wet the terrace, driveway, or sidewalks.
  • To wash your car, use a sponge and a bucket of water. Use your hose only for the final rinsing. By doing so, you could save up to 300 litres!
  • Sweep your driveway and patio instead of using your hose.
  • When filling your swimming pool, leave 15 to 20 centimetres of space to the edge. This way, less water will be lost by splashes.

Did You Know That…

  • Because they consume 424 litres per day per person, Quebecers are the second largest drinking water consumers in the world.
  • Quebec’s municipalities produce almost 50% more drinking water than Ontario’s.
  • Only 1% of the water consumed by household is for personal use.
  • The toilet flush uses approximately 40% of the water consumed in a household.
  • You can reduce your faucet’s flow by 25% by installing a shut-off nuzzle. The flow will be sufficient to fill a glass or rinse your tooth brush and you will save water.
  • During the summer, 75% of drinking water produced by municipalities is used for lawns.
  • A water hose delivers 1000 litres per hour. It represents drinking needs of a person for three years! Lawns do not need to be watered every day.
  • The lawn goes into dormancy in July. Not only should you not fertilise it during this period, but you should definitely limit the watering.
  • By keeping your grass a little longer, it will stay damped longer, look better, and keep its moisture longer.
  • A medium size pool can loose up to 4000 litres of water per month due to evaporation. That amount is sufficient to cover a family’s drinking needs for three years! By covering your pool, you will save that amount.
  • 70% of the world’s surface is covered by water, but freshwater represents only 3% of that amount.