Administrative Structure

The departments responsible for the administration and delivery of services in the City are:

To view the organization chart of the City of Dorval, please click here
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Office of the Director General – 514 633-4044

  • In charge of the administration of the various departments and their activities
  • Acts as liaison between the departments and the municipal council

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Public Affairs and Registry – 514 633-4142

  • Provides administrative support to the municipal council for its meetings and ensures proper recording and safekeeping of all council decisions and acts
  • Manages reception and information, as well as communication services
  • Manages the application of the Access to Information Act
  • Ensures the conservation and safekeeping of all archives of the City
  • Acts as returning officer during a municipal election
  • Manages claims by and from the City
  • Oversees the Community Aid Division
  • Receives oaths

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Urban Planning – 514 633-4084

  • Manages the planning and urban development activities
  • Manages the application of the zoning, construction, and subdivision by-laws
  • Manages building inspection activities
  • Ensures the application of various municipal by-laws
  • Issues permits and certificates

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Leisure and Culture – 514 633-4000

  • Organizes and coordinates recreational, sports, and cultural activities as well as special events
  • Coordinates activities offered to residents by recognized associations
  • Provides administrative and technical support to local associations
  • Manages all recreational facilities
  • Manages the library Division

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Administrative Services – 514 633-4040

  • Prepare and control the budget of the City
  • Manage the taxation and evaluation process and keep the valuation roll up to date
  • Manage the collection of taxes, tariffs, and fines
  • Manage the Financial, Material, and Data Processing Divisions
  • Manage the Human Resources Division

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Public Works – 514 633-4046

  • Are responsible for the upkeep of all City properties
  • Are responsible for the maintenance of the water distribution, sewer and drainage systems
  • Are responsible for the maintenance of street lighting equipment and road signs
  • Manage all garbage collection activities
  • Manage the Technical Support Division, which is charged with the design and supervision of all construction or reconstruction of infrastructures and buildings
  • Manage the drinking water production facility, as well as its distribution system

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