Chimney Sweeping

The preventive sweeping of chimneys constitutes a wise decision to improve the safety of your home. Since June 2006, the City of Dorval gives out the funds earmarked for this program to property owners rather than to contractors. This new approach has numerous advantages for residents who now have the luxury of choosing:

  • their own chimney sweeper;
  • the moment to undertake such work;
  • the extent of sweeping made by their contractor.

Consequently, the City reimburses the following amounts to property owners:

  • $15. per residence with one chimney.
  • $25. per residence with two chimneys.
  • $12. per chimney for chimney sweeping of three to 20 chimneys (ex. for a residential complex).
  • $10. per chimney for chimney sweeping of a complex with 21 chimneys or more.

To obtain their refund, residents must present themselves at City Hall, at 60 Martin Avenue, with the original bill on which appears the name and logo of the contractor. Please take note that all requests for a reimbursement must be made within 12 months following the date of the chimney sweeping work. No reimbursement will be given out for work dating back further than 12 months.

Please take note that this innovative approach was adopted following numerous demands for exemption from the program, complaints about the difficulty in obtaining a specific time to undertake the work, the fear of suffering property damage during the chimney sweeping, claims for property damage, as well as a false sense of security that a too brief chimney sweeping could cause.

To benefit from the services of a chimney sweeper, consult the Yellow Pages, under “Chimney Cleaning & Sweeping”. Note that the City has no ties with any particular chimney sweeper. However, we recommend that you hire the services of a chimney sweeping company accredited by the Association des professionnels du chauffage (APC) in order to ensure a job well done.