Fences, Hedges, Retaining Walls (residential properties)

A certificate of authorization is required to erect a fence or a retaining wall and to plant a hedge. A number of other standards must also be respected:

Authorized location:

  • Anywhere on a lot
  • Prohibited within the roadway setback
  • Fences are not authorized in the front setback of a multi-family dwelling of 4 units or more

Maximum height

  • 1,20 meter in the front setback, except inside a distance of 2,75 meters measured from the building facade, where the maximum height is 1,80 meter
  • 1,80 meter anywhere else on a lot
  • There is no limit to the height of hedges in the back yard of a residence

Cases where a fence must be erected

  • Outside storage area (industrial and commercial sectors)
  • Around an in-ground or above ground pool
  • Around a property or an excavation which may pose a danger to public safety.

Materials prohibited

  • Barbed wire
  • Chicken wire
  • Tin
  • Non treated or rough wood

Common fences

You and your neighbour can agree to build a common fence on the property line and to share the construction and maintenance costs. You must then decide jointly of the type of fence to be erected, its height, color, materials, and accessories.

A fence which has been erected on the common property line is deemed to be a common fence which belongs to both neighbours unless the original owner can prove that he alone erected said fence without thereafter agreeing to sharing the fence.

The maintenance, repairs, and reconstruction of any common work is shared by its owners.

Information: 514 633-4125

To consult the integral version of the zoning by-law (section on fences, walls, or hedges at, please click here (PDF – 1.4 MB). We invite you to verify with the Urban Planning Department all questions concerning the interpretation of this by-law.