The City has various regulatory tools designed to protect Dorval's heritage.

First, a by-law concerning the demolition of buildings is the main bastion against all projects to demolish, without a valid reason, a residential, commercial, or institutional building. If such a situation occurs, the owner will have to prove that it is in the best interest of the public to demolish the building in question. A procedure is then put into place to allow any opposing person to be heard by the municipal authorities such as the Demolition Committee and the Council. In light of this by-law, the demolition of an heritage building would be unlikely.

Also, in accordance with the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (S.P.A.I.P.), any heritage building, as well as any building located along Lakeshore Drive, is subject to an exterior design control, which focuses on the respect of the fundamental characteristics of the environment, or on the building itself in case of an expansion or a new construction. Anyone wishing to build a new housing unit (for single or multi family dwelling, a duplex, a triplex) or extend an existing one, must first submit preliminary sketches and plans to the Urban Development Department, and later on to the Demolition Committee.

Transformations (new siding, ledges, balconies, etc.) of heritage buildings are also guided by several objectives and criteria specific to this type of building.

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