Each year, Dorval plants approximately one hundred trees along its streets and in its parks. Along the streets, only broad-leaved trees are planted.

The City has adopted a tree conservation and protection policy. As a rule, only trees that are dead, hazardous or cannot be treated may be destroyed. The decision to prune a tree on City property shall be taken by the Public Works Department, and only the Mayor can make the decision to cut down a tree. It is prohibited to damage, to trim or to cut any tree, bush or cultivated plant located along a public roadway, in a public green space or on a public land, including those located on the City's right of way.

On private property

Citizens must obtain a certificate of authorization to cut down a tree on their property. An authorization is granted only in certain cases and each tree that has been cut down must be replaced by another one if space allows it. To obtain a certificate of authorization to cut down a tree, please contact the Urban Planning Department at 514 633-4125.

Trees must be protected during construction work. Therefore, a temporary fence must be installed on the periphery of any tree that will not be cut down. This fence must cover the tree’s branches projection to the ground. In the event that this technique cannot be used, a wood protection must be installed on the trunk and a temporary layer of mulch of at least 20 cm must be spread on the ground to cover the tree’s branches projection to the ground. This second alternative allows the passage of trucks on the construction site.

A certificate of authorization is mandatory for any pruning or trimming of a tree. The work must also be undertaken by a recognized arborist who is registered and approved by the City of Dorval.


Each year, the City of Dorval plants nearly one hundred trees in roadway setbacks and in parks. Anyone wishing to benefit from the planting program should request it before April. The City asks citizens to water newly-planted trees to help reduce maintenance cost. Planting a poplar, willow or silver maple is prohibited everywhere in Dorval. Planting a tree, at a distance of two meters (2 m) from a fire hydrant, a service entrance, electrical wires or a street lamp of public property is also prohibited.

The City of Dorval, in cooperation with GRAME (Groupe de recherche appliquée en macroécologie), also offers its citizens the opportunity to purchase a two-meter tree for only $25 thanks to the program “A Tree for my Neighbourhood”. For more details, click here.

Dangerous trees

Any tree located on a private property that presents a risk for public safety in part or in whole because of its bad condition will have to be cut, trimmed or removed within fifteen (15) days of the reception of an officer's notice. No work shall be undertaken by City staff on private property, except when a tree has fallen in the street.

Emerald Ash Borer

For more information on the emerald ash borer, the current situation, or to read about the regulations implemented by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to slow the spread of that insect, visit the website of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

For actions you can take against the emerald ash borer, visit the website of the Conseil québécois des espèces exotiques envahissantes (in French only).

Information: 514 633-4046

To consult the zoning by-law (section on trees at 40), please click here (PDF – 1.2 MB).