Vehicle Storage

It is forbidden to have on its property a motor vehicle of more than seven years old, not registered for the current year or not in driving condition.

Furthermore, parking or storing of vehicles listed below is prohibited in the front and side setbacks adjacent to the street line:

  1. Construction equipment, excluding mini-tractors meant for maintenance of lawn areas
  2. Boats
  3. House trailers, tent trailers
  4. Motor homes
  5. Other trailers

However, no above-listed vehicle exceeding 8.25 metres in length may be parked or stored on any part of the property whatsoever.

Parking at any time is prohibited on the lot of a residential building for a vehicle whose total Paden weight exceeds 3,900 kg or whose dimensions exceed 1.83 m in height or 2.44 m in length, unless said vehicle is parked for purposes such as deliveries, services, or movings.

Parking on the lot of a residential building is prohibited at all times for vehicles, equipment of machinery intended for construction, maintenance, landscaping or snow removal except when work necessitating the use of his type of vehicle, equipment or machinery is in progress at the site.

Information: 514 633-4125

To consult the zoning by-law (section on vehicle storage at 375), please click here (PDF – 7 MB). We invite you to verify with the Urban Planning Department all questions concerning the interpretation of this by-law.