Winter Car Shelter

Temporary snow shelters are permitted between November 1st and April 15th.

A annual certificate of authorization must be obtained at a cost of $10 from the Urban Planning Department, at 60 Martin Avenue.

The shelter must:

  • serve a residence with one or two housing units only
  • be installed in the main driveway
  • be no less than 3 m from the edge of the asphalt in the case of a sidewalk or curb. However, in the case of a curb, this distance may be reduced to 1.50 m if the shelter has a transparent plastic sheet on the sides closest to the street, in order to ensure that the vehicle can safely back out
  • be at least 1.5 metre from the ditch
  • be located at least 9 metres from an intersection
  • be at least 0.60 metre from a lateral property line
  • be made of tubular steel covered with translucent white fireproof plastic of recognized industrial quality
  • not exceed the height of the building’s first storey

Only one shelter per property is permitted, and its door must be attached at all times.

Information: 514 633-4125