Among the many by-laws of the City of Dorval, zoning surely represents one of the most important and consulted ones.

In a non-exhaustive manner, the main components of this by-law are as follows:

  • Division of the territory into zones, each one authorizing one or more distinct uses, such as housing units (including the number of dwellings), businesses (according to several different categories), industries, and public or institutional uses. It also establishes the manner in which buildings must be implemented, either as detached house, semi-detached house, or row buildings.
  • zoning plan indicating the limits and the categories of uses for each zone. To consult the zoning plan, please click here. (PDF – 1 MB)
  • To consult the schedule of uses and standards of each zone featured in the zoning plan, please click here. (PDF - 3 MB)
  • Various standards for components related to buildings and lots that must be respected. For example: building setbacks, maximum or minimum dimensions of the main building or ancillary buildings (garages, carpots, sheds), certain architectural characteristics (authorized or prohibited materials, overhangs, open decks or balconies, height of a building, etc.).
  • Other standards for fences and hedges, parking lots, authorized uses in backyards and setbacks, temporary and additional uses, pools, etc.
  • A chapter on authorized and unauthorized advertising (commercial and directional signs, displayed on a building, a pedestal, or a post, etc.).
  • A chapter on particular measures concerning certain zones or certain uses.
  • A chapter on the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (S.P.A.I.P.) for all new constructions or expansions of a house or of a heritage building.
  • A chapter on acquired rights.

Information : 514 633-4137

To consult the integral version of the zoning by-law, please click here (PDF – 1.2 MB). We invite you to verify with the Urban Planning Department all questions concerning the interpretation of this by-law.