Bike Path and Surrey Trail

  • Bike path

Since spring 2004, Dorval residents enjoy a greatly appreciated bicycle path.

The trajectory of the bike path, as indicated on the map below, has been chosen in cooperation with various persons, groups and consultants and according to concerns related to safety of cyclists, promotion of parks, green spaces, shoreline and heritage sites in the City. Most of the bike path is made up of a 1.5 m wide lane on each side of the selected avenues, and is appropriately marked and designated for use by cyclists only to better ensure their safety and that of motorists.

The official period of use of the bike path is from April 15 to November 15. In order to ensure the best circulation possible, parking in designated streets is prohibited during this period, except in areas where the road is shared.

  • Surrey Trail

As soon as the snow melts, grab your helmets and bikes and join us at the Surrey Trail located behind the Surrey Aquatic and Community Centre. This custom-built bike trail offers wooden structures that recreate the mountain bike experience, all while avoiding the dangers of the sport.