Citizen Card

Citizens who wish to take part in a leisure and culture activity offered by the City must first obtain a citizen card at one of the four following service points:

  1. Sarto-Desnoyers Community Centre (SDCC - 1335 Lakeshore Drive)
  2. Surrey Aquatic and Community Centre (SACC - 1945 Parkfield Avenue)
  3. Dorval Library (1401 Lakeshore Drive)
  4. Dorval Aquatic and Sports Complex (1295 Dawson Avenue)

It is mandatory for residents and non-residents to obtain this card in person at one of the four service points prior to their registration for all city courses and activities, whether it be online or in person (at the SDCC, the SACC, and the DASC only).   

Upon renewal or issuing of a card, a proof of residency and photo identification will be required. Here are some example of valid proofs of identity:

  • Driver’s license
  • Municipal tax bill
  • Hydro bill
  • Telephone bill
  • School report card (current year)
  • Student card
  • STM transportation card

Benefits of the citizen card

Take advantage of the rebates and gratuities offered with the use of the citizen card:

  • Admission to the pools
  • Shinny Hockey
  • Recreational skating activities

A family of four people can save up to $300 in one year.

For further information on the citizen card, please call 514 633-4000.